Cancer Comfort Angels - "Renewed Hope"

Cancer   Comfort   Angels
are proud to announce
recent donations to the following organizations!

Thanks go out to all who support our cause,
We can't do it without YOU!

~ Wellness House of Annapolis - $2,000.00 ~

~ Queen Anne's Hospice - $1,000.00 ~

~ Metavivor - $3,000.00 ~

~ Kent Island United Methodist Church - $500.00 ~

*   *   *   *   *   *   *


We will be awarding $1,000 College Scholarships
to Seniors from ALL Queen Anne Schools
Public, Private or Home Schooled

Click Here for Scholarship Application

Contact   CCA  Directly for more information



2014 High School Scholarship Winners

Kent Island High School

John Bollinger ~ $1,000

Austen Reece Richards ~ $1,000

Queen Anne High School

 Carly Jean Abel ~ $1,000

William Jennings Glowacki ~ $1,000

~ 2014 Limited Edition Bracelet ~
*  *  *  *  *
CCA has been able to donate over
Kits across the USA & Internationally
* * * * * 
We are a Christian based non-profit program that helps
our local community with their journey with Cancer!
Our organization provides a simple act of kindness
which comes in the form of our 
"Comfort Kits"
It is meant to inspire and encourage beyond the clinical prognosis to help someone both in body and spirit on this journey.  It's in the hope that we can make each day a little brighter and let people know we care and are here to  offer and give you support and love.
Coping with Cancer is a difficult enough and Cancer Comfort Angels are here to bring you or your loved one hope, support, inspiration, encouragement and strength to see you through this journey. 
In 2008, founder Laurie Rasinski, was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Early on, she received a homemade blanket from a young family friend and was inspired to pass on that act of comfort and kindness to others who need love and support during their journey with cancer.

"Cancer Comfort Angels"
 Cancer Comfort Angels
P.O. Box 253
  Chester, MD  21619

Cancer Comfort Angels is a non-profit fund within the

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